The Knights of Columbus Fund Raising Campaign
to support Women’s Resource centers to celebrate the Knights centennial anniversary

The purpose of this campaign is to raise funds to purchase an ultrasound machine for Women’s Resource Centers whose objective is to protect the unborn by empowering women. These centers medically confirm pregnancy via ultrasound to assist women in making a pregnancy decision. Ultrasound is one of the most effective tools in assisting women to make the choice for life. The results from Ultrasound scans significantly influences women to carry their babies to full term.

The ultrasound results of seeing a picture of their baby in the womb and at the same time hearing the baby’s heartbeat reaffirmed their decision to “choose life”.

The Knights of Columbus (Council 2393, Basking Ridge, NI) have dedicated their centennial year, which will be celebrated in August, 2022, to raising funds to secure ultrasound machines to support Women’s Resource Centers.


The Knights of Columbus are active, ongoing contributors to pro-life movements including supporting bus trips to the pro-life march in Washington DC, billboard advertising that supports life and donations to the clergy and pro-life organizations.

Paul Carola, an organizer for bus trips to Washington DC says “The Knights are a great organization that supports our ongoing efforts for women to choose life”

All proceeds collected go directly to Women’s Resource Centers for the purpose of purchasing up to date ultrasound equipment. The Knights of Columbus donate all their time and administrative expenses to supporting this cause. Please make your on-line contribution today.

Ultrasound Fundraising Campaign

The Knights of Columbus sincerely appreciate your contribution to support this cause to commemorate our centennial year.

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Ultrasound Fundraising Campaign